DDCommunity exists to engage and encourage Christian leaders to find Christ relevant to every area of life thereby promoting effective, sustained ministries.

While cultivating a community of compassionate caregivers who desire to serve the body of Christ, our ministry motivates spiritual maturity.

"This community of Christian leaders led me down the path of desperately depending on God in a way I’ve never known before. God changed my life! This ministry changed my life! I am forever grateful!!"

- Priscilla

Desperate Dependency

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Do you have problems and issues that don’t seem to have a solution?

Desperate Dependency invites you to find Christ as the relevant solution to all your issues so that you may experience His love, joy, and peace.


iProcess invites you to address your taxing issues and experience the peace of God through developing your identity in Christ, cultivating intimacy with Christ, and gratefully living out your love for Christ.

Marriages that Minister

Marriages that Minister challenges you to transcend the normal of your marital relationship to think differently about your marriage. Marriages that Minister gives you the opportunity to participate in what is humanly impossible yet divinely possible––a marriage that displays the portrait of Christ and His relationship with His bride.

Hi, we're Kirk & Melanie Lewis

Throughout the years, God has grown us to be desperately dependent on Him so that we may help you find Christ relevant to every area of life. Through the ministries of Desperately Dependent Community in Chattanooga, TN, we engage and encourage Christian leaders to promote effective and sustained ministries.

For decades we have ministered as a team, challenging people to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. As counselors, we are committed to using biblical principles to facilitate healing and liberate weary souls from emotional bondage. Our counsel is founded upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the center of well-being and that the Bible is the authority. Through the consistent application of biblical truths, we foster a community of compassionate caregivers who strive to point others to find Christ relevant to every area of life.