Class 402R

Recorded iProcess Counselor Cohorts BUNDLE

Are you at a loss as to how to help others deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, and burnout?

Do you feel intimidated to present Christ as the solution to problems?

Do you feel insecure in helping others who are floundering in their purpose and direction in life?

iProcess Recorded Counselor Cohorts 402R BUNDLE will develop you as a Biblical Church Counselor giving you the courage, confidence, and understanding needed to help others embrace their identity in Christ, which creates intimacy with Christ and compels industry for Christ.


iProcess Recorded Counselor Cohorts 402R BUNDLE will develop Biblical Church Counselors to help others embrace their identity in Christ which creates intimacy with Christ and compels industry for Christ as demonstrated in recorded cohort sessions.


As a result of taking this course, participants will:

1.    Be challenged to consider the significance of identity in Christ based on embracing God’s perspective as practiced with presented case studies.

2.    Help others develop an identity in Christ that creates intimacy with Christ.

3.    Encourage others to demonstrate grateful love for God through compelled industry.


iProcess eBook

iProcess Class 202

  • 8 lessons covering the content of iProcess: identity in Christ, intimacy with Christ, industry for Christ.
  • Over 8 videos elaborating on the nuances of iProcess’s content.
  • An in-depth study of God’s character and how it impacts my identity.
  • Insight Journal prompts to promote spiritual development and maturity.
  • Additional resources for additional insights.

iProcess Recorded Class Cohorts 302R

  • At least 12 hours of recorded cohort interactions over 8 weeks (each session 1.5 hours).
  • Processing and answering questions concerning the content of iProcess: identity in Christ, intimacy with Christ, industry for Christ.
  • Recorded discussions regarding Insight Journal responses and blocks to spiritual development.
  • Observing group participation for a deeper understanding.
  • Personal application of God’s character and the impact of my relationship with Him.

iProcess Recorded Counselor Cohorts 402R

  • At least 16 hours of recorded Counselor Cohort sessions over 8 weeks (each session 2 hours).
  • Practical application of biblical counseling principles based on the material of iProcess: identity in Christ, intimacy with Christ, industry for Christ.
  • Evaluation of spiritual case studies.
  • Simulated counseling experiences via role-plays.
  • Observing group participation for deeper understanding.

NOTE: This bundle is NOT eligible for a Certificate of Completion to be applied toward Biblical Church Counselor training.

*Choose the iProcess LIVE Counselor Cohort 402 BUNDLE to receive the iProcess eBook AND iProcess videos along with access to the iProcess LIVE Class Cohort discussions AND iProcess LIVE Counselor Cohort discussions and mentoring PLUS iProcess Recorded Class and Counselor Cohorts.

Meet Your Teachers

Kirk and Melanie Lewis

For decades, Kirk and Melanie Lewis have ministered as a team, challenging people to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. As counselors, they are committed to using Biblical principles to facilitate healing and liberate weary souls from emotional bondage. Their counsel is founded upon the belief that Jesus Christ is the center of well-being and that the Bible is the authority. Through the consistent application of Biblical truths, they have fostered a community of compassionate caregivers who strive to point others to find Christ relevant to every area of life. 

Desperately Dependent Community exists to engage and encourage Christian leaders to find Christ relevant to every area of life. It’s a genuine struggle in this sinful world, even for those in Christian leadership positions. Culture seduces us to seek solutions to ease our pain. But still, we end up feeling that something is missing. The passion of DDCommunity is to promote Christ as the solution to every issue.


Learning and growing in the iProcess course has been extremely beneficial for me when ministering to others who are struggling or just not understanding why their life is going the way it is. Through this counseling cohort, I have become more familiar with the iProcess and how it can be used in a practical way to help people. Seeing how it works in my own life and what God has done through it, leads me to be able to share with and minister to others in my life. It’s a valuable tool that I am able to use every day. Thank you, Kirk & Melanie, for following God’s leading and for the wisdom and insight this course has brought. 

– Jennifer

The iProcess has been beneficial from the counselor perspective while also learning the iProcess as a student. To learn that our identity is lost without being complete in Christ (Day 1.1-iProcess) has allowed me to be a bit more perceptive with people that the Lord places in my path. During this course I have been able through the iProcess to spot an identity crisis pretty quickly into our case studies. Having talked through different scenarios each week applying what we studied of the iProcess for each particular week has helped prepare me for conversations and interactions with people who are struggling with finding their identity in Christ.

I think my favorite chapter from the counselor perspective is chapter 7. God is working. I am to co-labor with God (Day 7.3-iProcess). This chapter is eye opening for those of us who are beginning to realize that God has a special plan and purpose for each of our lives and that our lives belong to Him. We are all ambassadors for Christ!

"God is working in and through me to accomplish His purposes. As I co-labor with Him, I must sacrifice my will to fulfill His plans"(Day 7.3-iProcess). In this counselor cohort class, it has been a joy to realize that I am exercising the iProcess in finding my identity in Christ, connecting my heart intimately with Him and co-laboring with Him in industry to share Him with others!

– Theresa

The iProcess is a valuable course addressing the most foundational aspects of Christian living. It encapsulates the most valuable truths to draw people to Christ and walk in freedom. Personally, I am going to refer to this material repeatedly and highly recommend it for others.

– Rashelle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the iProcess Recorded Counselor Cohorts 402R Bundle?

This bundle includes:


When will these classes be offered?

Everything in this bundle is available any time that you are! Study at your own pace or with your small group.

iProcess LIVE Class Cohort 302 and iProcess LIVE Counselor Cohort 402 will begin in June 2024.

Does this bundle include classes that are eligible for a Certificate of Completion?


A Certificate of Completion is necessary for anyone interested in completing the Biblical Church Counselor training. But it's also nice for anyone who wants to feel accomplished!

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iProcess Recorded Counselor Cohorts 402R Bundle